According to Cabinet Regulation No. 16.11.2016. 731 The requirements for the assessment of conformity of individual agricultural and forestry vehicles are determined by the essential technical requirements and assessment procedures for individual agricultural and forestry tractor machinery, its trailers and interchangeable towed equipment, as well as for special tractors (vehicles).

The Certification and Testing Center is an accredited institution in the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK) to carry out conformity assessment for individual vehicle approval:

  • A vehicle made or assembled from new or used parts, systems or separate technical units which has not been registered in the information system of the Tractor Machinery and its drivers in the respective performance;

  • A second-hand, unregistered vehicle imported from another country, if it has been made or is planned to make technical and constructive changes;

  • A vehicle, which has been removed from the Road Traffic Safety Directorate for the registration of the state register of vehicles and its drivers, if it has undergone technical and constructive changes - such a vehicle, which after manufacture does not conform to the car and it conforms to the requirements of the tractor machinery for its trailer or special tractor machinery;

  • Upon request, for the assessment of the conformity of the vehicle for safe operation or for the assessment of the vehicle for submission to one of the institutions.

The manufacture or assembly of vehicles is permitted without prior approval, subject to compliance with the essential technical requirements.

For the approval of an individual vehicle, the owner (keeper) of the vehicle shall submit the following documents to the expert of the Certification and Testing Center prior to the technical examination:

  • an application for approval of an individual vehicle;

  • a document certifying ownership - a purchase agreement, a bill of lading or an invoice and a declaration of the vehicle, vehicle nodes, aggregates, constructions, or material ownership;

  • the technical documentation specifying the technical details of the vehicle to be included therein;

  • copies of test or measurement results, if the vehicle has undergone tests and tests or if the body so requests to verify the conformity of the particular vehicle units, assemblies or systems.

The technical documentation to be submitted on the vehicle may also be presented at the address provided by the customer on the day of the technical assessment of the vehicle. During the technical examination, if a discrepancy is detected, the owner (holder) shall, within one calendar month, remedy and re-submit the technical examination.

If the vehicle conforms to the submitted technical documentation and essential technical requirements, the Certification and Testing Center shall issue an individual vehicle approval within five working days. Upon receipt of the approval, the owner (holder) shall, within five days, initiate the registration of the accounting technical data with the National Technical Surveillance Agency.

Opportunities - individual approach and cooperation with the client providing, if necessary, recommendation or initial assessment of vehicle technical, constructive solutions and operation.