VSIA Certification and Testing Center MEDIUM-TERM STRATEGY FOR ACTIVITY 2015 - 2017

  1. Ensure the conformity assessment of the state-commissioned service, agricultural and forestry tractor equipment, professional performance in accordance with regulatory enactments and contract.

  2. By focusing on the core activities of the VSIA "Certification and Testing Center", ensure a 8% increase in turnover over the planning period (2015 -2017), developing existing and introducing new services:

  3. Raise STC's total revenue by 50% by promoting existing services and introducing new testing and inspection services;

  4. Increase revenue from BL certification services by 4%;

  5. Increase MB sector revenue by 16%.

  6. Evaluate market opportunities, organize and promote STC conformity assessment services in the

  7. CIS and Baltic countries.

  8. To promote efficiency of work by improving KVS processes and ensure existing accreditation, permissions, licenses for provision of services:

  9. Identify and integrate management support processes;

  10. Maintain existing accreditations, permits, licenses, and provide scope for extensions in the areas covered;

  11. Improve the internal processes of STC and implement a customer information and certification database system.

  12. Provide competent and professional staff for the successful development of the company.

  13. Promote demand for STC services and promote sales:

  14. Implement a customer information and certification database system for STC for successful customer management;

  15. Promote service demand with marketing activities.

  16. To promote the education and new attraction of existing clients by organizing training sessions and seminars:

  17. Create a training center;

  18. Develop and implement teaching and seminar services.

  19. Ensure the management of NPs to the extent that management revenues cover costs.

  20. Increase rental income by 7%;

  21. Evaluate the economic justification for the use of the ST's at the disposal of the STC;

  22. As far as possible, dispose of unused NI.

  23. Provide the necessary resources to achieve the company's strategic goals:

  24. Providing the necessary PL for provision of services;

  25. Implementation of customer information and certification database system;

  26. Provision of personnel for the provision of quality services;

  27. Develop a unified concept for creating a STC image, recognizing.