Organic certification in Third countries

“Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs” SIA (The Certification and Testing Centre Ltd) certifies companies of organic farming in third countries. The STC started activities in third countries in 2013, when applied and started activities in Belarus and the Russian Federation. Currently we certifying companies in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries where the European Commission has included us on the List of Control Authorities and Control Bodies recognized for compliance purposes, published in Annex IV to EC Regulation 1235/2008.

An application may be made to the European Commission for action in third countries by any control body or control authority which draws up and submits a suitably designed and prepared set of documents demonstrating that the operation in the countries and spheres identified in the application will be ensured in compliance with the requirements laid down in Regulations EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008. Only after the assessment of the documents listed above, the European Commission shall decide on the inclusion of a Control Authority or Control Bodies in the list of recognized Control authorities and Control bodies.

Certified companies and the Control authority or Control body to release certified products for free circulation in the European Union must comply with a number of additional activities, example, samples of plant products must be taken in each operator production unit and send to laboratory testing for pesticide residues, each organic product batch/ consignment must be subjected to laboratory tests for pesticide residue control, physical consignment control if necessary, inspection certificate (COI) must be approved by the relevant Control Authority or Control body before organic product leaving the country, which certifies the integrity of the organic production that the product has been certified in accordance with the requirements of organic farming

In order for the STC to ensure adequate enforcement of the certification process for biological companies in third countries, we have opened representation offices in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, which proves to be particularly important during Covid 19. At this time, it was very important that, in each country where the certification operators are located, there are local experts on the place who can continue to work within the limits of the country and do not have to cross borders which often were impossible.

For example, due to the global restrictions imposed by COVID 19, our experts were trained by the Taiwanese Eco-Garden control body and the expertise was reinforced by Taiwan's competent authority to enable audits to be carried out on companies in the Baltic States and the Nordic countries that wish to export their products to Taiwan.