Have become a member of the American accredited Certification Association!

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The Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA) strives to ensure consistent implementation of USDA Organic Regulations through collaboration and education of accredited certification agencies.

Members of the Accredited Certifiers Association:

• Support and encourage the development and advancement of organic agriculture and processing;

• Maintain the highest possible standards of integrity by avoiding situations of conflict of interest;

• Work together to provide consistent implementation of the National Organic Standards by sharing information pertaining to policies and procedures and in the development of guidance documents

• Exchange information in a timely manner with the relevant certification agency regarding issues such as private label verification or detection of residues or in cases of suspected fraud;

• Abide by ethical and transparent business practices in all of their activities, including full disclosure of board members, owners, or responsible governing officials;

• Share information with other ACAs pertaining to noncompliances and / or adverse actions, with the exception of confidential business information.

• Work together in support of the greater good of organic agriculture and hold this paramount in their decision making.

• Thoughtfully consider adoption of Best Practices and other guidance documents developed by the ACA.

More about the association: https://www.accreditedcertifiers.org/