BeVeg vegan standard

“Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs” SIA (The Certification and Testing Centre Ltd) entered into a cooperation agreement with BeVeg in March this year, which provides for the exclusive right to certify production according the vegan standard of BeVeg in the Baltic, Nordic and Eastern European countries. Beveg is the world's leading vegan production certification company, accredited to assess the conformity of ISO 17065 according to the requirements of the vegan standard and also to all companies that offer certification under this standard must be accredited by ISO 17065.

BeVeg certification is intended for both food and non-food products and is not intended solely for the certification of organic products but also for non-organic products. The vegan standard provides for the certification of food and beverages, whether alcoholic or not, catering (cafes, restaurants), textile products, household goods, cosmetics, dietary supplements and other consumer goods. The certification shall be carried out on the production unit and shall be monitored up to packaging to ensure the safety of the production against the introduction of animal particles into the certified product.

The conformity assessment by BeVeg includes a detailed assessment of each product to be certified, from the components and ingredients used, an evaluation of the production, storage and packaging process, other quality systems certified in the company, such as BRC, ISO/FSSC 22000, IFS, etc. The whole certification process aims to ensure that it is reliable that the certified vegan product does not contain the smallest amount of products of animal origin, residues thereof, which makes it safe for the consumer of the product - a vegan who does not use animal products, materials and items in their diet and lifestyle.

The certification process, as in most certification schemes, includes: management decision on the commencement of certification, introducing standard requirements, training, establishment and documentation preparation, submission of an application, carrying out an audit, taking a decision. After receiving a positive certification decision, the company may place BeVeg Logo on products certified by BeVeg, which is different for products and beverage products.

If you are interested in the certification of products by BeVeg standard, then come to us, let us introduce you in more detail to the requirements of the standard and certification process.

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