Rent includes communal charges, security, heating, NO tax.
Parking free of charge.


Price - EUR 2.62 / m2, (excluding VAT)


Interested in calling to  +371 64130013 by sending questions to or personally at the office 305, 3rd floor, Darza street 12, Priekuli, Priekulu par., Priekulu nov., LV-4126

"Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs", SIA

Phone:+371 64130013
Fax: +371 64130010
Darza 12, Priekuļi, Priekuļu pag., Priekuļu nov., LV-4126

Private policy

Requesites 40003025542

PVN LV 40003025542
AS Citadele bank, code PARXLV22
Bank count:  LV53 PARX 001 362 829 0004

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