Inspection of agricultural sprayers is not only a finding of compliance with the regulatory enactments. In the performance of a professional expert, sprayer inspections provide valuable information that is useful to the equipment possessor in operating it and in maintaining the maintenance condition. The purpose of the technical inspection is to ascertain not only the technical condition of the general technical condition and the technical condition of the individual units, but also the quality and precision of the spray that directly affects the environment.



According to Cabinet Regulations No. 491 of January 1, 2013 "Regulations on the Use of Plant Protection Products", all commissioned agricultural sprayers must be inspected at least once before November 26, 2016.



For importing, distributing or violating the use of plant protection products not registered in Latvia - it is foreseen to impose fines on natural persons up to 350.00 EUR, but for legal persons up to 700.00 EUR, by seizing unregistered plant protection products or without confiscation.

To apply for an agricultural sprayer test, you must submit an application!