Any natural or legal person has the right to apply to the State Certification and Testing Center LLC with oral or written applications (requests, complaints, proposals or questions) and receive a substantive reply.


The State Ltd. "Certification and Testing Center" examines received complaints about services rendered, conformity assessment activities performed (certification, inspection, testing) and appeals against decisions taken in accordance with the complaint handling procedure.


A person with a verbal request, recommendation, complaint or question can contact the office during the working day or submit it in writing by post.


The Conformity Assessment Division also deals with complaints about certified clients by checking the information received and evaluating it in substance.


Appeals may be submitted in writing by post or by direct delivery to the office.

Appeals are reviewed by the Board of the Certification and Testing Center of the VSIA.


This procedure also applies to the handling of complaints or appeals received electronically, if it is signed with electronic signature in accordance with the procedure specified in regulatory enactments.

"Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs", SIA

Phone:+371 64130013
Fax: +371 64130010
E-mail: info@stc.lv
Darza 12, Priekuļi, Priekuļu pag., Priekuļu nov., LV-4126

Private policy


Reg.nr. 40003025542

PVN LV 40003025542
AS Citadele bank, code PARXLV22
Bank count:  LV53 PARX 001 362 829 0004

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